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Executive Search

Jurek has many years of experience of filling executive and specialist positions for a wide range of different clients, both big and small. We know what is required and we make sure we get it right from the very start.

Executive and specialist positions are more demanding for both the companies and the recruitment firm. It is a challenging process. If it is not handled correctly from the start, it can become both long and painful.

Our solution is Executive Search.

We only take on jobs we know we can do. We have a dedicated team of experts who examine the specifications of requirements and profiles. We demand just as much from our clients as we do from ourselves and our potential recruits. Everyone needs to know and understand what is at stake and what needs to be decided.

The result is always the right person in the right place. And, above all, at the right time.

Here is a selection of positions for which we have recruited executives in Executive Search:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Controller
  • Chief controller
  • Group chief accountant
  • Chief legal officer for a listed company
  • HR manager for a listed company
  • Tax specialist
  • Partner for a law firm
  • Financial manager
  • Treasury manager
  • Financial management specialist
  • Cash management specialist




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