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Single consultants or an entire team? A day, a month or a year? We can meet your staff needs regardless of time or size. And we make sure that everything is right from the start.

It’s not hard to find someone who meets the requirements on paper. It’s harder to find someone who understands the culture of a company and is equally dynamic and goal-oriented on each job. This is where Jurek stands out from the crowd.

We can offer the leading experts in Sweden in finance, law, HR, marketing and administration. We know that everyone is keen to achieve the goals established by clients. We know that we always match consultants to jobs as much on experience as on corporate culture.

We expect a great deal from all of our consultants. We hope that you do too. They expect it!

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No two recruitment processes are the same. But there are common denominators. Expertise, time and cost are three of them.

The right person in the right place is a given. But at the right time? And at the right price?

We set great store by always finding the right person, and we do this fast. Our recruitment consultants always look at more than just our candidates’ CVs to ensure they find not only the right expertise but also the right attitude and the right sense of purpose.

And the cost? If things are done right from the very start, the investment is minimal. Good recruitment always pays off.


Interim Management

A need for rapid change, reorganisation, rapid growth? Or perhaps a need to make some cuts? There are many occasions on which an interim manager is required.

Whatever the reason or the need, we have the expertise, the experience and the dynamism you need.

Jurek has access to experienced consultants with experience of roles such as:

  • CFO
  • Controller
  • Chief controller
  • Group chief accountant
  • Chief accountant
  • Chief legal officer
  • Company lawyer
  • HR manager
  • Group controller
  • Payroll specialist
  • Treasury manager
  • Financial statements accountant
  • ERP specialist
  • ERP/System specialist


It is very important to us to maintain contact with the most promising, hungriest students of law and economics, and we work hard at doing so. Our student consultants are all young, proficient talents looking for experience and challenges in addition to their studies.

If you need additional resources for market surveys and situation analyses, they are fast, efficient and accurate. But we prefer that they have the chance to do a proper job from the very start. Summer temps? Temporary additional staff on major projects? We have the stars of the future and they all want to show off their talent.

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Executive Search

Appointing managers and specialists is always a challenge. Jurek Executive Search simplifies the process and guarantees better results.

We know how challenging it is and how expensive it can be. Both during the process and if things subsequently go wrong. This is precisely why we don’t make mistakes. We only take on jobs we know we can do.

Jurek demands a great deal of its clients in all executive recruitment processes. The specification of requirements and the profile must be clear. Potential recruits who progress through the entire process must know what is expected of them.

The result is always the right person in the right place. At the right time.

Here is a selection of positions for which we have recruited executives in Executive Search:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Controller
  • Chief controller
  • Group chief accountant
  • Chief legal officer for a listed company
  • HR manager for a listed company
  • Tax specialist
  • Partner for a law firm
  • Financial manager
  • Treasury manager
  • Financial management specialist
  • Cash management specialist

What do our clients think?

Why Jurek?

At Jurek, we have always wanted to offer a little bit more. Slightly better solutions at a slightly better price and slightly faster than our competitors. It is obvious that we have succeeded.

We always place clients and consultants above all else. Matching staff to requirements generates satisfied clients, satisfied consultants and more jobs. This means that we need to look at both skills and cultural elements. It is not enough to be able to count or write. You have to be part of a team.

We customise all our solutions to achieve results. Our dedicated team of recruitment consultants want to understand how our clients function and what their real needs are. They want to understand what our consultants can do and what they really need.

Recruitment and staffing via Jurek should always be an efficient, successful, profitable process.




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