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About Jurek

We have always had the goal of being able to offer the best consultants and recruits in marketing, finance, law and HR. We have achieved this goal by some margin.

We know that we can offer the right person in the right place. We also know that we can do it at the right time and for the right price.

We demand a great deal from ourselves and also from our clients, our consultants and our recruits. At Jurek, it is not enough to have an impressive CV. Our consultants need to understand what a client wants to achieve, what the conditions for recruitment are and what the culture is at each company at which you are offered a place. And our clients need to understand what they are actually ordering.

We always work individually with each client. It is irrelevant whether it is a temporary staffing solution with a student or executive recruitment via Executive Search. We adapt our team and our solution to each individual job. We always ensure that the right expertise is in place throughout the process.

Our consultants and recruits always receive personal coaching when they need it. Satisfied employees and consultants mean satisfied clients. Each job is unique and important.

We have had the same attitude ever since Jurek was founded in 2006 and we will have the same attitude in 10 years. We are proud of what we do and we know that we are one of the best at always finding the right person.


Jurek was founded in 2006 by serial entrepreneur Shervin Razani and is now one of the market leaders in recruitment and staffing in law, finance, marketing and HR.

Jurek currently (2015) has sales of around SEK 100 million and has 180 employees and offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Sundsvall.

Since the beginning, Jurek has expanded with the specialist areas Jurek Executive Search, for executive and specialist recruitment, and Jurek Student, with the focus on hiring out students for analyses, market surveys and other short-term jobs.

Jurek continues to grow fast and was named a ‘Gazelle’ company by Dagens Industri in 2014, 2015 and 2016.


Shervin Razani, CEO

Sara Molin, Head of Operations

Johannes Schiölde, Head of Public & Business Development Manager

Daniel Johansson, Head of Sales Stockholm

Jessica Svensson, Controller

Board of Directors


M.Sc in Industrial Economics, Linköping University Institute of Technology, 1983.

Consultant, entrepreneur and investor, Holmic International AB.

Founder, financial manager and CEO in the IT and outsourcing sector. Positions in companies including Kontorsutveckling AB/Esselte Office, Datasvar Support AB, Sykes Inc., Invest in Sweden AB and Excellent Group.


Johan Holm
Chair of the Board of Directors

LL.M, Lund University, 1976
Lawyer (member of the Swedish Bar Association), 1982

Lawyer and partner at Roschier
Advokatbyrå, Stockholm
Member of the disciplinary board of the Swedish Bar Association.

Reporting clerk, Court of Appeal for Western Sweden, assistant lawyer. Mannheimer & Zetterlöf, partner. Mannheimer & Zetterlöf, partner. Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå, executive partner and CEO, Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå.

Magnus Wallander

MSc. in Personnel, Work and Organisation, Stockholm University, 1998. Labour law and business administration, Stockholm University. Executive development; UGL, Trust and Situational Leadership, also Certified in SHL’s tests

HR Director TDC AB

HR Director,  HR Direktör, Poolia group, HR Chef, Setterwalls Advokatbyrå, Head of Distillers at Vin och Sprit, HR Manager Manpower Business Solutions 2000-2007.

Louise Anderberg

LL.M, Lund University, 1995
MSc. in Economics, Lund University, 1995

CEO and founder of management consultancy firm Cordial AB Consultant, entrepreneur and investor
Chair of the Board of Directors of Forefront Consulting Group, member of the Board of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

EU Commission in Brussels and Ernst & Young Management


Linus Malmberg

MSc. in financial economics, 2000
MSc. in international economics, Stockholm University, 2003

Head of department, Skandiabanken, corporate account manager, Swedbank, founder of several companies, including Fastigheter, Life Event and Jurek Rekrytering & Bemanning AB.

Shervin Razani

Quality policy

Jurek follows a strict quality policy in all of its work. This is to ensure predictable results in each job, both for our clients and for our consultants.

All of our quality assurance is based on JQS – Jurek Quality System. All of our employees are trained in the various elements of JQS and we regularly monitor that all procedures are being followed.

In practice, the central elements of JQS mean that we always:

  • Propose cost-efficient solutions to our clients.
  • Match the right candidates to the right jobs according to the client’s requirements profile.
  • Handle complaints and comments within 24 hours.
  • All our recruitment consultants and consultancy managers are certified to carry out personality and suitability tests.
  • Ensure there is no positive or negative discrimination in favour of or against candidates.
  • Have quality assurance for every part of our operations, and all of our processes comply with ethical regulations, environmental policy and the Swedish Personal Data Act.
  • We always observe complete confidentiality in relation to clients, employees and candidates.

At Jurek, we continuously measure and evaluate all parts of our quality work. Our entire quality management system is accessible here

Quality Manager

Johannes Schiölde
Business Development Manager

Environmental policy

Jurek aims to optimise resource consumption at all times and for its operations to be as green as possible. Environmental impact is considered in all aspects of operations, from purchasing and consumption to the services and products we supply.

Our goal

  • Our operations are designed to be environmentally sustainable in the long term.

  • Jurek focuses at all times on developing its environmental work to minimise its climate impact.

How we achieve our goals

  • By enhancing energy efficiency and, where possible, always using renewable energy sources.
  • By striving for better waste separation at workplaces.
  • By reducing paper consumption and avoiding disposable materials.
  • By always considering the environmental aspects when purchasing goods and services for our day-to-day operations.
  • By striving to ensure that electronic products are disposed up with minimum environmental impact.
  • By minimising travel at work and, wherever possible, by always taking public transport to minimise environmental impact.
  • By increasing the environmental expertise of our staff.

All staff are responsible for compliance with the environmental policy.

Environmental Manager

Johannes Schiölde
Business Development Manager



Shervin Razani, CEO
Tel: 08-525 01 800

Sara Molin, Head of Operations
Tel: 08-525 01 818

Johannes Schiölde, Head of Public & Business Development Manager 
Tel: 0733-33 00 12

Daniel Johansson, Head of Sales Stockholm
Tel:08-525 01 800

Elin Kaber, Regional Manager Väst
Tel:031-712 83 54

Sara Lassesson, Regional Manager Syd
Tel:040 602 76 40


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