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The Jurek Way

Satisfied clients mean satisfied consultants and candidates – satisfied consultants and candidates mean satisfied clients

Our philosophy is simple. We want to offer our clients the best possible recruitment and staffing service. This requires our consultants and candidates to be the best on the market.

As a result, we place high demands on both consultants and candidates, but in return we also offer some of the very best opportunities in Sweden for fun, career-advancing and profitable jobs and positions to everyone in our network.

Jurek is a niche company operating in law, finance, marketing and HR. Our clients include the biggest companies in Sweden, as well as government authorities and many medium-sized and small enterprises. Basically, we are able to offer all types of job and position. In many cases, these are roles that otherwise never appear on the open job market.

The right person in the right place

We set great store by always finding the right person for the right place. For us, this means more than having the right qualifications on a CV. It also means the ability to fit into a corporate culture and adapt to a client’s visions and goals.

To achieve this, we always offer substantial support throughout the recruitment process. Our recruitment consultants provide coaching and guidance to ensure that both you and our client are satisfied.

Our consultants are our most important asset

To offer top-level staffing expertise, whether for short or long jobs, a great deal is required of us as an employer. Our consultants should always feel that they have a secure place as one of Jurek’s specialists and should feel proud to be one.

In turn, this means, of course, that we must always offer our consultants interesting, stimulating work. And we do. A wide range of different clients and jobs means that you can enjoy a variety of tasks as a consultant and your CV will be well filled during your time with us.

As a consultant employed by us, you also always have the opportunity for development and further training. Our consultancy managers coach all of our consultants to highlight and develop their strengths, while working actively to identify and strengthen any weaknesses.

We believe in personal contact with all of our consultants. We take our time and we are accessible. We take responsibility. Our consultants are our most important asset.






Shervin Say's

A year of fantastic opportunities lies ahead of us

2015 was a great year for Jurek. All aspects of our business are growing, from offices and employees to positions filled and sales. We mainly hear confirmation that we are doing the right things in our daily contact with our clients. Further acknowledgement comes from our nomination as a ‘Gazelle’ company by Dagens Industri for the second year in a row.

One of the keys to our success is that we always strive to move forwards. Consequently, we have raised the bar for our goals and expectations for 2016. And things have started well.

We continue to grow both internally and on the consultancy side. We have quietly opened our office in Malmö, increasing our presence in southern Sweden. For a few months, we have also been working on our new website. You can see the results at Several new functions and a more modern design will hopefully make it as attractive and useful for you as it is for me.

Another innovation is Shervin Says, the letter you are currently reading. Once a quarter, I will use it to give you news and thoughts on Jurek and the staffing industry in general.

Challenges ahead

There is no doubt that the staffing industry is booming at present. Recent figures from the Swedish Staffing Agencies federation show that both positions filled and total sales are on the rise. The increase is particularly high in finance and accounting, which is gratifying for us as these are two of our specialist areas.

However, past growth is no guarantee of continued increase. We face challenges that will require new thinking and a restart for many. The world around us is moving ever faster. We notice this in particular in the increased interest in additional staff to cope with peaks, the demand for temps and the desire to choose various kinds of interim solution. This is even more relevant for highly advanced jobs.

From the start, Jurek has focused on this niche part of the sector and we know that we are on the right track. We know that the solution is to find the right candidates at the right time and that it is essential to find people with the right culture. The more advanced the job, the more important it is for the person to understand the corporate culture and be able to adapt to it.  To achieve this, we need not only the best consultants available but also the best consultancy managers.

During the year, we will also focus a little more on our Executive Search service. This is where we accept the most advanced jobs for executive and specialist recruitment. This is an extremely exciting area to develop as it places great demands on both us and our clients. And challenges have always driven us forwards.

Continuous improvement and refinement have always been what drives me and have been my goal for Jurek from day one. 2016 is no exception.

Consultant of the month

In a new departure for 2016, Jurek will appoint a consultant of the month. The first person to get this award is Hayriye. With her bubbly personality, dynamic expertise and permanently positive attitude, she has exceeded both our and our clients’ expectations.

Hayriye is highly deserving of the award of consultant of the month and we wish her all the best as she now becomes a direct employee of Infront IT Partner.

I hope we will all see each other now and again in the year ahead.

Shervin Razani
Founder and CEO of Jurek